2006 USMS One Hour Postal Swim National Championship
Sanction #18-200601 PO

USMS Hurricane Katrina Relief 

The Rules (read please)

The Event: One Hour Postal

Date: All swims must take place during the month of January 2006.

Objective: To swim as far as possible in one hour. The total number of yards swum determines the order of finish. If two or more swimmers complete the same distance, a tie will be declared.

Venue: Any pool 25 yards or longer. (For events swum in meter pools, multiply the distance swum by 1.0936 and round down to the nearest five yard increment. Submit the distance in yards.)

Eligibility: Each participant must be USMS registered for the year 2006 or if non-US swimmer you must be registered with a USMS recognized body. A COPY OF YOUR 2006 REGISTRATION CARD MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR MAIL IN  ENTRY!

Individual Events: Men and women  will compete separately as individuals in the following age groups: 19-24, 25-29 …….100+. The swimmer’s age on the day the event is swum determines the entrant’s age for the One Hour Swim.

Step One:    Click here  and get your split sheets and GO SWIM  Come back when you are done.

Step Two:     Click here  to download an Entry Form

Step Three: For relays fill out the relay form (on the bottom of the Entry Form)

                               Coaches need a spread sheet to keep up on everything use this one: one hour postal spread sheet

Relay Event: Two team relay events will be contested: 1) a 3 swimmer, same gender team and 2) a mixed 4 person team ( 2 men & 2 women). The team with the greatest total yardage will be declared the winner. The age of the youngest member determines the age group of the team: 19+, 25+, …., 95+. Each team member must also have entered the individual event for his/her age group. All team members must be registered with the same club. Unattached teams are not permitted. Team relay entries must include copies of the individual entry forms if they are not submitted with the originals.

Club Event: Each club will be entered automatically in the club event. The three clubs accumulating the most yardage in division will receive an award. Three divisions will be recognized based on the number of swimmers entered in the event from each club, as determined by the event host and the USMS Long Distance Committee Chairman. Relay yards will not be counted.

Awards: USMS Championship medals will be awarded in each age group to the top 10 swimmers in the individual event and the top three relay teams in each age group relay team event. First place finishers in individual and team relay events also receive USMS Champion patches. Distinctive awards will be given to the top three Clubs in each division of the Club event.

Rules: Drafting, flotation and propulsive devices (pull buoys, fins, paddles, wet-suits, etc. ) are not permitted. To ensure that drafting does not occur, no more than two swimmers may share a lane. If two swimmers share a lane, they should each swim on one side of the lane during the entire race (i.e. no “circle” swimming). USMS Long Distance Swimming rules require a starter/referee be present during the swim. Each swimmer must have a verifier to count laps, record cumulative splits and time the event with a stopwatch. The verifier must sign the official entry form. Distances are to be rounded down to the nearest completed five yard increment (i.e., round 2764 to 2760). (See Venue section for conversion from meters to yards.) Swimmers who change age groups during January may enter twice but must swim the event twice, once in each age group.

Fees: Individual entry fees are US $6 per swimmer ($10 for non-US Swimmers). Team entry fees are US $18 per relay ($18 for non-US entries). All fees are non refundable. Make checks payable to OHIO Masters Swim Club and mail entries to the address below. International entrants please submit US funds via international money order or bank check drawn on a bank with a US Affiliate. ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED by February 17, 2006. Swimmers submitting incomplete entries will be contacted by collect phone call or e-mail.

T-Shirts: A 2006 USMS One Hour Postal National Championship t-shirt is available at a cost of $17. (International orders please add US $5 postage for each shirt).

More Info: Address questions to

O*H*I*O Masters
5247 Wilson Mills Road #104
Richmond Heights, OH 44143